Library 2.0 reflections

Firstly, I feel sorry for the authors of this week’s articles who had to pose with oars and binoculars to illustrate their points.

It is absolutely essential for libraries and librarians to adapt and change to suit the way contemporary library users and informations seekers want to find information.

I would like to see a library catalogue that comes up with did you mean  when a search term is spelt incorrectly, and where library users can add reviews and tags to the catalogue record.

I would like to see a stand where library users can add their recommended books for others to read.

I would like to see more user input in areas such as book selection and library events.

I would like to see a library website that has as much user-generated content as staff content.

I would like to see a flattening of hierarchies between librarian and user. While we may be experts in search and retrieval, the layperson can also find a great deal of information using Google, etc. We can assist users and help them improve their search techniques, making them empowered users, going beyond simply finding information for patrons ourselves.

Library 2.0 is about library patrons become more involved in their libraries. This is important. The patrons are our livelihood.


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