Zoho Writer

I am writing this post via Zoho Writer, a sort of online Microsoft Word.

I like the idea of applications like this being attached to the Web rather than to one’s own desktop as software.

The set up is similar to Microsoft Word, but because Zoho writer is a Web-based application, you can access the document from any computer. I believe you could also use Zoho Writer to collaborate with others on the one document – when changes are made, a new version is created.

I’m currently reading a fascinating book called The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman, which is about how with the Internet, the playing field is being levelled and more people across the world have the opportunity to publish web content, start businesses, etc., and I do think this sort of application is the way of the future – why should you pay for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office tools, when collaborative Web-based applications are available for all on the Internet?


2 responses to “Zoho Writer

  1. Thanks for appreciating Zoho Writer! You are indeed right about using Zoho Writer for online collaboration. Try the ‘Share’ feature.

    Do check out the other other Zoho applications as well.

  2. susannenewton

    Thanks Arvind! Lots of librarians should be using the site as part of the Learning 2.0 program which is run in lots of libraries.

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