ITube, YouTube, we all scream for YouTube : Hellzapoppin’ swing dance clip and Japanese hilarity!

How can you not love YouTube?

As a swing dancer, I am inspired and awed by clips such as this one from Hellzapoppin’, an otherwise-average Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson film that features what is often considered the best scene of lindy hop on film. The dancers are Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers, featuring pioneer swing dancers such as Frankie Manning and Norma Miller. Norma Miller has written a great book about her time as a swing dancer called Swingin’ at the Savoy.

While the Internet has brought the world closer together and allowed people to access any information they want from anywhere, it’s also brought us such highbrow, intellectual entertainment as I can has cheezburger and Cats that look like Hitler (aka ‘Kitlers’). In the same vein, I bring you one of the best-ever Japanese YouTube clips. No explanation is needed. Just watch.


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