Free audiobooks are available for download from Project Gutenberg. These are generally books with expired copyright. For instance, I am now listening to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein  through Windows Media Player.

Don’t go anywhere near the computer-generated audio books; they’re too freaky and weird to listen to. Stick with the human-read audio books instead.

I think the site needs to be upgraded and have better functionality.

The site is hard to navigate. For instance, in Browse by category: Audio book, human read, if you click on one of the letters to browse by say, authors beginning with H, this takes you to a list of all the authors Project Gutenberg has that start with H,  rather than only the ones which have audiobooks available. So you get links to authors’ Wikipedia entries or text versions of their books rather than audio books. If you only want audiobooks, you are better off scrolling through their long list of available audiobooks, listed alphabetically by author.

It also took me a while to figure out how to actually play the audiobook. With Frankenstein, for instance, it is not immediately clear which link to click to download the book. I was able to listen to the first section of the audiobook when I opened up Windows Media Player and then clicked the ‘main site’ link on the first MP3 Audio one. This file than started playing on the Windows Media Player.

Why not have it so it says, ‘Chapter 1: listen here’ or something? The site needs a pretty radical overhaul if they want the layperson to be able to navigate it.


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