Reflections on the Learning 2.0 program

I really enjoyed the completing the Learning 2.0 program, which I’ve undertaken as a staff member of Darebin Libraries. The aim of the program was to get us up to speed on current Web 2.0 technologies.

While I was already familiar with a lot of what was covered, and am a blogger from way back, I loved being able to explore new technologies as part of work. Watching YouTube videos, writing a blog, posting photos to Flickr and listing the books I’ve read on LibraryThing felt like leisure rather than something I was getting paid for! While working through the activities, I often felt like I should be getting back to my ‘real’ work.

So while it was fun and a great break from cataloguing, I can also see the benefit of the program. I am now more comfortable using RSS feeds and podcasts, and I think it would be a good entryway into Web 2.0 applications for those who hadn’t come across them before. 

Considering that as a profession librarians may seem a bit behind when it comes to technology, preferring to stick to the safe world of books, programs such as this are important for getting us up to speed. I’m glad I was given the chance to participate.


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