Electronic publishing: Contribution to course resource list: Citeulike

All contributions were added to Citeulike on the 15th of October.


1. Young, Sherman 2008, Beyond the flickering screen: re-situating e-books, MC Journal, vol. 11, no. 4,  viewed 15 October 2008.


Reason for contribution: It’s an interesting article that talks about how book readers haven’t made the ‘cultural change’ to e-books as yet, even though online digital delivery is common in other formats such as music (iPods). And even though the technology is now good enough to compete with print books, the idea still hasn’t caught on in the mainstream. Young argues technological change is easy, but cultural change is harder.


2. Berube, Linda 2005, E-books in public libraries, Interlending and document supply, vol. 33, iss. 1, p. 14-18, viewed 15 October 2008, Emerald Full Text.


Reason for contribution: This article talks about how e-books can threaten print reading culture, how UK libraries are considering e-books, and discusses the experience of having some e-books for loan at a public library.


3. Waller, Vivienne 2008, Legitimacy for large public libraries in the digital age, Library Review, vol. 57, iss. 5, viewed 15 October 2008, Emerald Full Text.


Reason for contribution: As my major project looked at how libraries used Web 2.0 electronic publishing devices such as blogs and wikis, I am interested in how these tools can be used as a way of keeping libraries relevant in the digital information age. I was quite positive about libraries using Web 2.0 devices in my essay, but Waller thinks focusing on technology to legitimate libraries is doomed to fail.


4. Bohner, Dorte 2008, Digital Rights Description as part of Digital Rights Management: a challenge for libraries, Library Hi Tech, vol. 26, iss. 4, viewed 15 October 2008, Emerald Full Text.


Reason for contribution: I chose this article because I think it is relevant to electronic publishing, which I study, and libraries, where I work. Digital rights management is still a fairly new field and one I wanted to know more about. Interestingly, the article states that publishers are beginning to think of libraries as competition because libraries are reaching content users directly.


5. Joint, Nicholas 2008, Is digitisation the new circulation? Borrowing trends, digitisation, and the nature of reading in US and UK libraries, Library Review, vol. 57, no. 2, viewed 15 October 2008, Emerald Full Text.


Reason for contribution: This is another article that relates both to electronic publishing and libraries. It asks if things are fundamentally changed for libraries with the digitisation of content, etc. The author concludes that while the appetite for electronic information is increasing, this is not at the expense of printed library collections.  


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