Electronic publishing: Web 2.0 and publishing: Blogs and wikis

I am very familiar with blogs and have had some experience with wikis. I used to keep a personal blog fairly regularly, and was quite involved in the blogosphere. Getting comments on your blog and lots of pagehits (mine went into the tens of thousands) can be quite addictive. Through my job at Northcote library I completed a ‘learning 2.0’ program that exposed me to all aspects of Web 2.0 such as RSS feeds, mashups and wikis. I am not really convinced by the hype sorounding wikis as yet. Obviously Wikipedia is a perfect example of ‘harnessing collective intelligence’, yet I find wikis a bit clunky to use in real life.  I loved the machine is us/ing us clip we watched in the class, I think it really encompassed the amazing potential of Web 2.0. 


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