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E-publishing: Image workshop reflections

I enjoyed this practical session as had not had much previous experience with image editing. The instructions were easy to follow and I think I understand more about compressing files, etc. now. I’m happy that I was able to follow the instructions quite easily. I thought the class raised some interesting issues about whether we can ever ‘believe’ a photo these days, particularly one we see in a magazine. 


E-Publishing: Basic image editing

This week’s E-publishing class focussed on editing an image using Paint Shop Pro, learning how to zoom in and out, rotating images, cropping images, brightening and removing blue tints, removing dust spots, resizing images, converting to JPEG and GIF formats, and comparing compressed images.

My results included that the original image of 1,857 KB was reduced to 964 KB on correcting the image, and 853 KB on resizing the image.

Saving the image as a JPEG image, suitable for web publishing, made the file size smaller still, at 41 KB. Saved as a GIF, the image was 139 KB. The JPG image showed visual pixels earliest upon zooming in, which makes sense with the small file size.  

When compressing JPEG files, the sleep3.jpg file was best, showing a clear image, file size 96 KB:

Sleep31.jpg, at 20 KB was not quite as clear and defined as Sleep3.jpg:

Sleep49.jpg, at 12 KB was markedly less clear, looks like an image on a dodgy website:

Sleep62.jpg, at 10 KB you can only roughly tell what image is of. It is quite unclear:

Sleep81.jog was only 8 KB, but the Image was very pixelated and unclear what the picture is of:

Of the five, I would probably use sleep31.jpg as the image is reasonably clear and the file size is fairly small.